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This page both introduces me, Ville Tulkki, a candidate in the 2023 elections in Uusimaa.

Hi, I’m Ville, and as you see I’m drinking some coffee now.

About me

I live in Lintuvaara with my wife and two sons. I’m a scientist researching nuclear energy, especially its role in the future sustainable world. I have been a member of the Green party for a few years, and I’m currently a reserve member at municipal council of Espoo. My previous activities have included founding a pro-science environmental organization Ecomodernist Society of Finland.

My vision of Finland

  • We need to build a sustainable future for us and our children. This includes actions to mitigate climate change, building a country where nature can also flourish, and providing services for the people.
  • In order to do this, the policies we enact must be evidence-based. Understanding science is a key to planning future, but also important is to understand we are guided by our values, not abstract numbers.
  • Sustainable future must be built, it does not happen on itself. This requires directed effort towards commercialization of innovations and implementation of new solutions, in a word, a new technology policy framework.
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