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This page both introduces me, Ville Tulkki, a candidate in the 2021 municipal elections in Espoo, as well as has some links on Finnish elections and on eligibility to vote.

Hi, I’m Ville, and as you see I’m drinking some coffee now.

About me

I live in Lintuvaara with my wife and two sons. I’m a scientist researching nuclear energy, especially its role in the future sustainable world. I have been a member of the Green party for a few years, and this is my first time being a candidate in an election. My previous activities have included founding a pro-science environmental organization Ecomodernist Society of Finland.

You can vote me with the number 215 in Espoo.

My vision of Espoo

  • We need to build a sustainable future for us and our children. This includes actions to mitigate climate change, building a city where nature can also florish, and providing services for the people.
  • In order to do this, the policies we enact must be evidence-based. Understanding science is a key to planning future, but also important is to understand we are guided by our values, not abstract numbers.
  • Espoo must be a city for everyone.

Some resources on municipal elections in Finland

To start with, here is a short write-up on the elections by the Greens of Science and Technology.

See also here on who can vote. If you’re eligible, all you need is a photo ID to vote.

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